Sunday, October 22, 2017

five minutes with racy lim


right after we'd gotten comfy on our flight to taipei, i decided to do a short interview with racy to celebrate the launch of her second issue of SAND magazine. it could have been the champagne we'd sipped on that sparked off this decision, or it could also have been the fact that it never fails to floor me that i actually know someone who has created her own magazine from scratch – i can't be sure.

just the day before, we were hustling packs of her newest issue off the printer's delivery truck. the magazine was to be launched at taipei art book fair, and not even a sneak-boomerang was allowed to be posted on instagram. everything was kept under wraps (literally); we were so excited to see racy's hard work translate into a tangible thing.

i might not ever create a magazine or even something big to call my own, but flipping through her magazine, i decided then and there that i want to share with the internet how cool and inspiring this person is, and at the same time, brag that i actually know her. so here goes:

can you describe SAND magazine in a haiku?
of lovers untouched, artists
who will consume you

what is your favourite thing about the magazine? (it could be about the people, the process, or a particular article.)
that it drives me quite wild and provides gratification when writers, photographers and artists come together to create a solid story that makes readers feel all kinds of high. that its style is constantly changing and evolving — you'll never get the same kind of visuals and messaging in every issue. that it's slowly changing how people (especially non-creatives) perceive art, design and culture. that it leaves me questioning life and art even more each day.

what kind of music do you listen to when you're working? is a curated playlist necessary, or will anything that's "your jam" do? what are your music preferences?
my music changes with seasons (of moods). i've just (kinda) got out of my drowning sad music phase yesterday — now, my studio music is refreshed with tender, more uplifting (still instropective) beats like flor, cyndi lauper (particularly her cover of tegan & sara's back in your head), yaeji, chief.

i find myself going back to cosmologists just because he mixes the best samples & instrumentals — check him out at

if there's something you could change about the creative industry, what would it be?
what a huge question! i want it to keep evolving and be open to more experimental art forms. we see that these days with films — i'd like to see how on the edge we can be when it comes to paintings, music and books. i know there are people doing these things — they're just lurking in the alleys waiting to take over the nation and world......


let's say you weren't the creative behind SAND or the marketing-in-charge at booksactually. what would you be doing?
a travel journalist or finding my place making or promoting art books. i wonder what it's like working for TASCHEN.... or trying to get a job at 88rising — they're one of my media heroes. doing weird things like organising film screenings and inviting people to perform.

what is your one guilty pleasure that few people know of?
i think what comes close would be working on the bed (it's not so much of a guilty pleasure as it's an unattainable dream). i love the comfort of being in non-working clothes, getting to choose my own music and finding temporary respite in books and magazines within my reach. also, if i could have as many gin and tonics...


if you like it, don't just put a ring on it. support local talent and widen the creative pool by purchasing SAND issue two here.

art direction + photography by me
racy is wearing olive + frank 'feelings' sweater
fruit c/o eslite hotel
moody vibes c/o taipei's typhoon

Sunday, September 10, 2017

the booksactually book box subscription


before i started work at booksactually, my brother said he'd wanted to get me a book box subscription. back then they only had it in 3-, 6- and 12-month boxes. fast forward to a few months later, we now have it in a one-time subscription! this allows you to enjoy the experience of receiving a 'mystery' book that's specially curated to your reading preferences, without having to make a commitment. each box also comes with complementary and complimentary gifts that are handpicked and sourced locally as well as globally.

in case you're interested, i like reading about the deadly sins – specifically zeroing in on lust, greed and sorrow. i love it when people's lives fall apart because of their (stupid) decisions – perverse right? i think so too. anyway, here are some of my favourite books:

  • revolutionary road – richard yates
  • 1q84 – haruki murakami
  • john – cynthia lennon
  • love is a dog from hell – charles bukowski
  • bonjour tristesse – françoise sagan
  • catcher in the rye – j.d. salinger
  • the heart goes last – margaret atwood

if you trust me in picking out your next read, you can subscribe to my book box here.

p.s. do it, or else pennywise will be standing by your bedside. also copy and paste this blog url to 12 friends or your life will suck.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

pyjama party






top: asos | trousers: | bag: sans official | mules: asos | sunnies: sunnies studio

how swanky are these striped pants?!?!?! they look a lot like pyjama pants -- which incidentally, also makes for the perfect outfit for a pyjama party. and that's how booksactually is hosting its first ever pyjama party. wow that's a lot of the 'pyjama' word.

consider this an invitation: we're throwing a party tomorrow, 8th september, at 9 yong siak street. and if you come by in your pjs (no ratty t-shirts and fbt shorts), you'll be entitled to 20% off your book purchases. we're also having cold brewed tea!!! how awesome is that?!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

setting the tone

i wish i had the same freedom to catalog my outfit posts as frequently as i used to, but work takes up all my time, and most days my schedule clashes with my photographer (aka boyfriend)'s. every time i wear something bomb-ass to work, i'd catch a glimpse of my outfit in reflections and feel really pitiful for myself LOL – such a nice outfit and ain't no one gonna snap a photo for me.

in any case, working in a bookstore means lots of movement on a daily basis, and the last thing i want is shit getting in my way. i've taken to wearing trousers quite a lot (also cos our cats tend to get aggressive right around meal times, and even after so many months, i'm damn paranoid of getting scratched by them), and this is basically what i wear every day, except i swap out the bag for a canvas tote. again, becos cats.

top: zara | trousers: | belt: vintage | shoes: dr martens | eyewear: sunnies studio | bag: tallulah

tonal dressing is easily one of my favourite ways of putting an outfit together. i love how this coordination looks so preppy, kinda like a school-boy-meets-city-girl vibe. the entire ensemble comes together with my gemma bag, which is a perfectly balanced mix of feminine and masculine details. if i were in a colder country, i would have also popped a beret on to complete the look – unfortunately it's 36ºc in singapore, and also my bangs don't sit well under a hat.

gosh i love fashion so much. i want to live and breathe fabrics and cuts and prints....

Monday, July 3, 2017

enid blyton


i think my love for reading intensified the moment my dad had to resort to bribing me. this happened when i was six going seven years old. backstory: i cried every day at school and for my principal to call home and get my parents to send me home it was nothing unusual (my sobbing was distracting towards the other kids who genuinely gave a shit about '__ + 3 = 9' kinda sums). for me, i hated school. i'd get extremely homesick, and this was (is) something i've battled with ever since four years old. i mean i'd always been a crybaby but putting me in school just made it worse haha.

when i was six, i used to take the school bus back home, and one day my dad waited for me at the drop off point of our condo estate. he told me if i managed to get past a whole week without crying in school, he would get me an enid blyton book of my choice. i was crazy for enid blyton (and little did i know she was just as crazy – i only found out recently), but this incentive hardly motivated me. i think my parents were exasperated lol. i'm not sure how we all got out of it alive, but the crying continued, and i still got my books.

after having lunch with my parents yesterday, i chanced upon a second-hand bookfair and they had a ton of enid blyton books for sale. my dad told me to pick a few and he bought them for me :') so much nostalgia!

anyway, i guess i grew up ok despite all that crying. and i'm also kinda disappointed that fairies don't live under toadstools – i checked when i was waiting for the school bus.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

sunday agenda

i literally spent my entire sunday afternoon in bed. i couldn't care less about being unproductive... these days i'm either hungry or tired, but most times it's the two in action, which is really bad cos i tend to eat a lot of junk food, then lie in bed regretting my decision. in such occasions, it's always better to feel bad about my dietary habits while in comfortable loungewear i guess.

on the topic of eating badly (or maybe off-tangent) i actually work out in these shorts some times. i get so lazy to even change out that once i slip into my sports bra i simply roll out my exercise mat and start doing jumping jacks and burpees in my pj shorts. don't judge – these are wide-legged so they're really great for a wide range of movements.

i'm all about getting more mileage out of my clothes ;)

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Monday, March 27, 2017

see you in the '70s

IMG_6482 top: c/o nemonic designs | trousers: uniqlo | belt, earrings, shoes: vintage | bag: miumiu | eyewear: sunnies studio

i'm proud to say i've been sticking to my unofficial 2017 resolution (kinda), which is to inject more colours into my wardrobe. didn't think blue marbling and burnt orange would go well, but there we have it, a colour combination that actually works. i really love the '70s vibes of this look, if i had any less self control i might just burst out into a saturday night fever dance. thank goodness i actually care about my image haha.

Friday, March 17, 2017

seoul 2016 – visual diary two

a jumbled up visual diary from our trip to seoul, december 2016.

part one – with more details, although hardly considered a guide – is available here.

~*peace out*~